Federation Mainnet - chain ID 7341

Worldwide redundant RPC
Mainnet chainspec:
Current as of October 2023
md5: fb0ad5db2a8d952d22b9fa6a57ccefcf ShyftMainnet-current.json
Node list
The static nodes list names well-known chain hosts. Some nodes publish their enodes to ethstats in the contact field. To fetch this list:
wscat -x '{"emit":["ready"]}' --connect wss://stats.shyft.network/primus/?cb=5 | grep enode | jq '.emit[1].nodes' | grep -oP '\"enode://.*?\"' | sed '$!s/$/,/'
Remove the files peers/SimpleFileDb.db and discoveryNodes/SimpleFileDb.db from your nethermind and restart to force loading this file.

Automatic deploys
There's Ansible playbooks to deploy your own relay or manage your sealer.

Federation testnet - chain id 15533

rpc access is via https://rpc.testnet.shyft.network/( metamask settings screenshot)
current testnet genesis file last updated 2022-oct-15
static nodes list: ipv4 testnet nodes
ethstats: stats.testnet.shyft.network
blockscout: bx.testnet.shyft.network
faucet: faucet.testnet.shyft.network