Shyft Network Access

Federation Mainnet - chain ID 7341

RPC access is via
Current mainnet genesis file last updated 2022-Mar-29
md5 6fac47818d567f9e77ef2ae5ff311616 ShyftMainnet-current.json
static nodes list
RPC access is via
Ansible playbooks to deploy your own relay.

Federation testnet - chain id 15533

rpc access is via metamask settings screenshot)
current testnet genesis filelast updated 2022-oct-15
md5 b30c8c0c657b2ea78a7472af25c40c11 shyfttestnet-current.json
static nodes list: ipv4 testnet nodes

Veriscope Testnet - chain ID 120852483

RPC access is via
Also available: Veriscope Ethstats and Block Explorer
Veriscope genesis file and static nodes last updated 2022-May-1
genesis md5 5db441a550b73c3921ab14ab4b85b51b4cb44130d55ddf7b00a83cc752575834
genesis sha256 c8be5a86b94014f791b6ca561e618da0

Testnet4 (Alex) - chain ID 19629

Current testnet4 genesis file last updated 2023-June-1
md5 d19e35a7fc96e12dd58a2da6476afe94
sha256 48aa87d4be5dd6ba4aa4ec3302fd44c5eb557b7876b0ca7aab62472b74bf3428
static nodes list: ipv4 testnet4 nodes